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4 Yard Skip


4 yard Skips normally known as “midi Skips” in Nottingham and are the smallest skip we do. They hold around 30-40 bin bags

6 Yard Skip


6 yard Skips are referred to “Builders Skips” in Nottingham and hold around 50–60 bin bags. There are great for hardcore waste

8 Yard Skip


8 yard Skips are the most popular by far. They are referred to as “Builders Skips” in Nottingham and great for hardcore waste and hold around 60-80 bin bag of waste.

10 Yard Skip


10 yard Skips are great for big clearouts and bulky waste, these skips hold around 80-100 bin bags of waste.

12 Yard Skip


12 yard Skips are sometimes referred to as “Maxi Skips” in Nottingham and are great for large business or house clear outs. They are not suitable for heavy hardcore as they have a weight restriction. They hold around 100-120 bin bags.

20 Yard Skip


Our 20 yard roll on roll off Skips are used for light construction and demolition waste solutions. These skip containers will hold around 160-200 bin bags of waste.

40 Yard Skip


Our 40 yard roll on roll off commercial Skips are mostly used for large light waste types. This is the biggest skip we supply and holds around 350-400 bin bags of waste.

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Skip hire Nottingham companies are the backbone of Nottingham’s waste industry.

Skips are useful and practical containers and are usually hired by companies or homeowners for easier facilitation of waste and debris. When you hire a Skip in Nottingham, it makes cleaning-out jobs easier and more convenient. It is also more economical to hire a skip for rubbish disposal, as skip hire Nottingham rates are generally quite reasonable. 

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There are a number of skip hire companies in Nottingham who offer these services, and most of them have different sizes to fit their customers’ needs. If you have never hired a skip in Nottingham before, you may be wondering where you can find a good skip company, well you have found us. Most often than not, when you call most companies, they expect you to already know the specifics, so if you are not familiar with the terminologies and the jargon, it could be a daunting task.

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Here Are A Few Guidelines When Hiring A Skip

There Are 3 Things You Need To Know Before Understanding How Much A Skip Will Cost You In Nottingham


What size skip do you need?

Skips come in different sizes, and hiring one largely depends on the amount of materials that will be placed in it. Another consideration is the size of the area where the skip will be placed. The skip industry still uses the cubic yard for measuring skips, so you might need to convert to the metric system.  The size of the most common skip in Nottingham is 8 cubic yards, and this size is ideal for both commercial and residential purposes.

Smaller skips, like the 2 yard mini skip are hired for domestic purposes, and it could hold approximately 25 to 35 bin bags.

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  A large skip, like the 40 yard roll-on and roll-off skip is designed for big and bulky items like metal, furniture, and organic waste.

Skip prices

The price of hiring a skip in Dublin depends on its size, the duration, location, and the type of material that will be placed in it.  The quoted price for skips in Dublin does not usually include the price of the permits. Different local Dublin councils have varying fees for permits.  Hire costs are usually more expensive in London, and generally gets cheaper as you go further north of the United Kingdom.

Elimination of Rubbish

Rubbish put in a skip is usually sent to a waste transfer facility for recycling, landfills or energy re-distribution. If prohibited items are discovered in your skip, you may be charged with additional fees. 

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What’s your type of waste that you want to dispose of?

Materials that can be loaded in a skip

Almost all types of household and industrial wastes can be loaded in a skip.  There are, however a few restrictions.  Common household wastes such as old furniture and car parts can be placed in skips, but there are restrictions, though. Old electronic appliances and equipment, car batteries and tyres cannot be placed in skips.

For commercial purposes, skips can handle all sorts of materials light construction debris, dirt, and rubble. Materials that are not permitted are liquids such as oil, paint, petrol, diesel or solvent, medical waste, and hazardous and toxic chemicals.

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Will the skip fit on your driveway or will you need a council permit?

Waste contractors are required permits and licences in order to move waste and to place skips on a public access road. If a skip is placed on a public access road, the law in Nottingham also obliges the operator to have their name and contact information clearly printed on the side of the skip. Nottingham City councils also have specific requirements for the size of skips that should be placed on public roads.  Most Nottingham city councils only allow a minimum skip size of 8 yards on highways.  The Environment Agency is in charge

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of giving out licences for skips to move waste. In hiring a skip, be aware whether the skip hire Nottingham company adheres to these regulations.  Ask for their council permits and waste carrier licence number.

Loading Regulations

Another regulation that a skip should adhere to is that they should have a level load.  A skip should not overflow with debris.  Even a little material poking out of the skip is not allowed.

Collection Process

When you a hire a skip, the duration of the permit usually lasts between 1 to 2 weeks.  Expect the skip to be collected within the time frame specified on the permit. The skip is usually collected in one to two weeks.  The longer it stays with the customers, the higher the rate will be. If the skip will be placed in a residents’ parking zone or any other controlled parking area, a parking suspension is needed. Skip lorries also require permits when they are parked on the street. 

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If you have any questions and like to know more about how you can get the best price for your skip needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can walk you through the process.



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