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2 Yard Skip


2 yard Skips are normally referred to as “Mini Skips” in Glasgow and are mostly used for small domestic jobs like gardens clearouts however, they do not hold a great deal of waste. They hold around 15-20 bin bags

4 Yard Skip


4 yard Skips normally known as “midi Skips” in Glasgow and are a great size alternative to the 2 yard. They hold around 30-40 bin bags

6 Yard Skip


6 yard Skips are referred to “Builders Skips” in Glasgow and hold around 50–60 bin bags. There are great for hardcore waste

8 Yard Skip


8 yard Skips are the most popular by far. They are referred to as “Builders Skips” in Glasgow and great for hardcore waste and hold around 60-80 bin bag of waste.

10 Yard Skip


10 yard Skips are great for big clearouts and bulky waste, these skips hold around 80-100 bin bags of waste.

12 Yard Skip


12 yard Skips are sometimes referred to as “Maxi Skips” in Glasgow and are great for large business or house clear outs. They are not suitable for heavy hardcore as they have a weight restriction. They hold around 100-120 bin bags.

20 Yard Skip


Our 20 yard roll on roll off Skips are used for light construction and demolition waste solutions. These skip containers will hold around 160-200 bin bags of waste.

40 Yard Skip


Our 40 yard roll on roll off commercial Skips are mostly used for large light waste types. This is the biggest skip we supply and holds around 350-400 bin bags of waste.

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Skip hire is an easy way to get rid of various types of waste be it bulky or a mixture of waste, this way of getting rid of unwanted waste is practical and very handy. These are the few things you would need to know, should you need to hire a skip in Glasgow.


There Are 3 Things You Need To Know Before Understanding How Much A Skip Will Cost You In Glasgow

what-Skip hire Glasgow size

What size skip do you need?

Skips come in various sizes and you can generally hire them out for a maximum of 28 days, this differs with each Glasgow skip company.  Firstly what size skip is ideal for your purpose as there are various skip sizes. Skips are categorised as domestic and commercial skips. The reason for this is that the domestic skips are smaller and can fit on a property’s driveways as well as placed on a road, whereas the commercial skips are too big to fit on either.

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The smaller domestic skips come in a 4, 6 and 8 yard, these skips are meant for the smaller jobs like having a spring clean or a small renovation in the property like a bathroom remodel. The larger domestic skips are the 10, 12 and 14 yard these skips can also be put on the road and are meant for the bigger jobs such as a loft conversion or generally if you have lots more waste to get rid off.

Most Glasgow skip hire companies can estimate what size skip a customer needs by measuring the waste using how many bin bags a customer would use. an e.g. is an 8 yard skip would typically carry about 100 bin bags in it.

Commercial skips come in 20, 30 and 40 yard they are the biggest sizes skips come in and therefore cannot have heavy waste type in them as the lorry that carries them work on a roll on roll off method.

These skips are normally used for industrial and business use.

Skips come in various forms depending on what the customer needs it for, e.g if a customer is getting rid of soil or garden waste they might prefer to hire a skip with a door which would make it easy to walk into the skip with a wheel barrow and drop the waste into it.

Another type of skip is the locked skip, if it was placed in the Glasgow city center the public have access to your skip they tend to help fill it up. This type of skip stops that from happening, because when the skip is dropped on your property or on the road all you need is to lock it with your padlock and only open it when you need access

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Skip hire Glasgow waste-type

What’s your type of waste that you want to dispose of?

What type of waste can you put in a skip? This differs from company to company as some might accept hazardous material such as asbestos and plasterboard whilst others wouldn’t. These are the types of waste all skip companies generally would accept mixed waste, hardcore, soil, glass, wood, recyclable, scrap metal, windows & doors and green / garden.

Generally harmful or hazardous waste cannot be put into skips, these waste include paint, tv’s, computer monitors, tyres, batteries, fridges, gas cylinders, anything containing liquids, solvents, oil or diesel. The reason why some waste

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is accepted by some skip companies whilst others would not is  because some have the facility to recycle about 90% of the waste being sent back to their depot. The waste that cannot be recycled is then sent to a Glasgow land fill.

Make sure to check with your skip provider what is accepted and what is not as it would end up being a costly hire should you try to add waste types that are generally not accepted by the skip company.

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Skip hire Glasgow-permit

Will the skip fit on your driveway or will you need a council permit?

Will the skip be placed on or off the road, this is quite important to note due to the fact that if the skip is placed on the road the customer needs a permit from the Glasgow council.

It is important to let the skip company know when hiring the skip as a permit will need to be applied for by the skip

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company on the customers behalf. If this isn’t done it would not be possible for a skip to be delivered to the customer, as the skip company could get fine by the council.

Glasgow permit prices differ with each council as well as the duration of a permit, when hiring a skip make sure to ask the skip company the price and the duration it covers should you need a permit.

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If you have any questions and like to know more about how you can get the best price for your skip needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can walk you through the process.


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