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4 Yard Skip


4 yard Skips normally known as “midi Skips” in Cardiff and are our smallest skip size. They hold around 30-40 bin bags

6 Yard Skip


6 yard Skips are referred to “Builders Skips” in Cardiff and hold around 50–60 bin bags. There are great for hardcore waste

8 Yard Skip


8 yard Skips are the most popular by far. They are referred to as “Builders Skips” in Cardiff and great for hardcore waste and hold around 60-80 bin bag of waste.

10 Yard Skip


10 yard Skips are great for big clearouts and bulky waste, these skips hold around 80-100 bin bags of waste.

12 Yard Skip


12 yard Skips are sometimes referred to as “Maxi Skips” in Cardiff and are great for large business or house clear outs. They are not suitable for heavy hardcore as they have a weight restriction. They hold around 100-120 bin bags.

20 Yard Skip


Our 20 yard roll on roll off Skips are used for light construction and demolition waste solutions. These skip containers will hold around 160-200 bin bags of waste.

40 Yard Skip


Our 40 yard roll on roll off commercial Skips are mostly used for large light waste types. This is the biggest skip we supply and holds around 350-400 bin bags of waste.

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There Are 3 Things You Need To Know Before Understanding How Much A Skip Will Cost You In Cardiff


What size skip do you need?

The domestic skips are the most sort after due to the fact that they come in various sizes and appropriate for different jobs.

They can fit neatly on the customers driveway and gives them the opportunity to keep the skip for a maximum of 28 days. For the domestic skips you still have a variety of which you can choose from, for example to stop neighbours and passersby throwing things into your skip you can hire out a closed skip.

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This gives you the chance to get rid of everything you need and not worry about others helping you  fill up the skip.

We also have skips with doors and these types of skips are primarily for people putting in waste such as soil and hardcore material, as they can walk into the skip with a wheel barrow.

The team at skip hire Cardiff always ask and advice you on the waste types before hiring out a skip, so for materials such as these we would charge differently per tonnage or per item. If in doubt speak to the team regarding any waste type you are unsure of as not all skip companies would accept certain waste types.

The roll on roll off skips range from 20 yard to 40 yard skips the reason for the various sizes in the bigger skips is that the bigger the skip means the lighter the waste type.

These skips are generally for commercial use for various reasons

  1. it cannot be placed on a driveway
  2. the size is meant for bigger jobs
  3. Only specific waste types can be put in it and never of the mixed variety

So if you are looking for a skip hire Cardiff company in the Cardiff area and in need of a skip, do not hesitate to call our team on 0800 808 5475 for all your domestic or commercial skip hire needs.

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What’s your type of waste that you want to dispose of?

The waste type determines how much the skip is, due to the fact some waste types need to be sent to landfill and others we can recycle ourselves at our depot.

This brings us to some items you cannot put in a skip tyres, solvent, oils, batteries, hazardous material, food etc

Some waste types however like plasterboards, fridges, asbestos can be put into skips but not mixed with other types of waste.

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The size of the skip is the most important when hiring a skip, as you wouldn’t want to hire a skip too small for the job at hand or a size too big.

Most skip hire Cardiff companies explain how much you can put into a skip using how many bin bags can fit into a skip so for example, a 4 yard skip can hold roughly about 40 bin bags in it.

Skip hire Cardiff has various sized skips from the mini skip to the maxi for domestic customers to the roll on roll off for the commercial customers. Because we have a wide range of skips we are competitively priced and continue to be one of the best priced.

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Will the skip fit on your driveway or will you need a council permit?

Most domestic skips can be placed on your driveway or the road, if you need it placed on the road, you would need a permit which we would obtain on your behalf from the council for a fee set by the council as fees vary per council. The permits however cover the skip being on the road for a maximum of 7 days which the customer would need to pay for to keep the skip on the road.

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Also be sure to inform us when hiring a skip, if you have a wall which the skip would need to go over as we need our special lorry with a long arm to go over walls or hedges. 

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If you have any questions and like to know more about how you can get the best price for your skip needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can walk you through the process.


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