New to renewable energy and green power? Need a better framework to understand market policies and players? Want to get a head start on the conference program?

This pre-conference workshop, sponsored by the Department of Energy, The  Environmental Protection Agency and the Center for Resource Solutions, is designed to provide background and information resources essential for maximizing the  Renewable Energy Marketing. Expert speakers will provide a general overview of green power and brief history on the development of a market for clean, renewable energy. Attendees will receive a detailed introduction to the key industry issues, players and products that affect the progress of green power, as well as insight on past, present and future market indicators.

Utility representatives, renewable energy providers, environmental advocates, and businesses interested in green power should attend to gain information to prepare them on a range of topics from defining renewable energy, to attributes included in RECs, financing challenges and utility partnerships. The workshop will cover both program and market-specific information strategic for newcomers to the renewable energy industry and provide an overview of the Conference Agenda and explanation of all featured sessions.

The workshop will precede the opening reception of the Eleventh National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference, and the registration fee is $50. If you are interested in attending this workshop, be sure to reserve your place when registration opens April 2nd.

Space is limited, so please register early!