Cheap Skip Hire Is Bad for the Environment

I’m sure you have seen scores of old furniture on road corners, electrical items left in fields, mattresses abandoned in hedgerow and cars abandoned for months on end; evidence of fly tipping. This is a trend that has risen over the years, and is now one of the most common headaches for local councils today.

Fly tipping in Coventry, has been a direct result of cheap skip hire refer to as illegal fly tipping of waste in areas that are not designated for waste disposal. All authorised dumping sites must have a license to accept waste, regardless of the location of the site. Public areas such as parks, ditches, kerb as well as private property such as back yards are illegal dumping sites for people who just don’t care. Before you pay for a cheap skip or go dumping yourself, it is important to ascertain the legality of the dump site.

How Are You Responsible For the Actions of Your Skip Service Provider?

Every household today stands to pay hefty fines if their rubbish is dumped illegally; whether by them or by a budget skip hire company. It is therefore everyone’s responsibility to ensure that they hire only authorised service providers in the Coventry area.

It is unfortunate that many homeowners are not aware of this responsibility. Many remain ignorant of the law. However, that is no excuse and if caught, you’ll still pay up the fine. It is therefore essential that you ascertain that you are dealing with a legitimate waste disposal company. But how can you do that?

Step one

Before you hire a budget skip company, be sure to ask for their Waste Carrier License Number. If they are hesitant, or do not have one, it is advisable to refuse their services; if they are not aware of their responsibility, advice them to contact the environmental agency for certification.

Step Two

If you are provided with the carrier number, check its validity. You can do so by calling the environmental agency official contact number or by checking the public register of authorised waste carriers.

When you hire a trustworthy company, you not only keep away from trouble, you also help keep the environment safe and clean.skip hire services

Why Cheap Skips Has A Direct Result On Coventry’s Environment

The most common reason people give for dumping in public places is that they found rubbish already dumped in those areas. To them, it should not be wrong to dumb more rubbish. This trial at rationalising the dumping holds little water when it comes to being fined for illegal dumping.

In some cases, when you hire a budget skip you need to ask yourself, is that waste going to be disposed of responsibly or is the price so low that the skip provider could not possibly afford to dispose of it safely? Some people are either escaping the high fees that come with legal dumping and safe processing of bulky wastes such as old sofas and cars. Others simply do not care where they dispose of these items.

Coventry City Council will help in ensuring that waste management is done legally.

They ensure that public places are clear of filth and rubbish. They look out for public places only

The Environmental Agency

These are responsible for both private and public waste management, licensing carriers as well as clearing up waste and filth where there is imminent risk to human health or environment.

How Does Fly Tipping Affect the Environment?

You need not look too deeply to see the negative effects of fly tipping. Just take a drive down the road and witness the eyesores created by the dumped rubbish. Littering is not only unpleasant to the eye, some waste can be toxic.

It is not a wonder to see stinking rubbish dumped making the surrounding areas simply uninhabitable. Some wastes are also hazardous, and if they leak to waterways or soil, can cause serious health and safety issues. Sometimes individual wastes are not entirely hazardous by themselves, but become toxic when combined with other wastes. It is for this reason that all wastes should be handled with care.

It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the environment clean and healthy by practicing safe and legal waste disposal. If you spot anyone dumping waste illegally in the Coventry area or anywhere else, you have the responsibility to report them to the local authorities.