Telesales Representative Application Process

Step 1) 

Record your CV. Please don’t send in written CVs to us, we want to get to know your CV through voice. Make a recording telling us about yourself and your work history (relevant or not) include everything you have done in the past and please give detail about your positions. Also include information about what you can bring to our company. You can use to record your voice and then share the link that Vocaroo provides. Email the Vocaroo link to

Step 2) 

Go to and create an account. (please check your spam or wait 5 minutes to receive the password creation email if you don’t get it straight away)

Step 3) 

Login and watch Video’s 21 & 27 this will give you details you need about the job, we will also run through a test with you on the information that you consume.

Step 4)

If you are successful with your voice recording CV then we will contact you via email for you to book an interview with us (this will be held online or via the telephone)


That’s it, your all done. I know it’s a little different from what you maybe used to with job interviews but we are a very different company to work for. We also look for great people who can grow with us, can self manage and have a proactive approach. If you are that person and think you can bring huge value to our organisation then follow the steps and get in touch.