Telesales Representative Required For A Busy Waste Management Company



We require a telesales person to take incoming calls from people looking to order skips for their waste needs, this could be a business or a domestic client. Clients are calling around looking for the best price for a skip so it will be your job to close them on our service not our price. You will close them, take their order and process it. A friendly manner is essential to this position as we see higher sales with this type of attitude. You will be a people person, also be excellent at solving problems, can work from home but also work in an online team, work well under pressure, be excellent at speaking to a variety of different people and be proactive in carrying out your roll.


We find that a UK / Neutral accent has worked well in this roll as all the incoming calls are coming from the UK plus having a knowledge of the different areas in the UK will be advantageous. Hours are full time between 8am-5pm, you will need a strong and reliable internet connection as all the calls will come to you via your internet (call software provided) You will also need a quiet background to take the calls. All the calls are incoming so the customer has the intension of buying when they call however, there is an element of sales to educate and help the customer make the decision to purchase. We have a lot of incoming calls from customers who are looking for our service, price is one of the driving factors so this is where the sales comes in .. We will provide detailed tried and tested phone scripts which we use on a daily basis and all training about the skip hire industry is provided however you must be able to learn something new as i’m sure you are not an expert on skip hire yet.

You will need to have a UK or neutral accent to work on this project as customers will need to hear you clearly on the phone, we have found that it can be a problem sometimes for the customer to understand the telesales agent or vice versa if the accent is strong.  With that being said please record  a voice recording outlining your previous similar work history and also telling us what you can bring to our company. Please use to record your voice and then share the link. (If you get any problems, Google Chrome Browser works best with Vocaroo)

What You Will Be Providing

You will use you own internet connection (must be a reliable connection to take the calls), your own computer (must be an up to date computer with the latest updates), your own work space (home or home office) As you will be providing the tools to do the job you will be classed as a freelancer so you will provide us with an invoice for your work and we will pay you directly into your bank account. If you have never worked as a freelancer before there are lots of websites which you can sign up to and we can pay you through them websites if you wish however, be aware that they will take a commission off you. It’s not necessary for you to do this, it’s just an option if you feel more comfortable doing it through a freelancer website. CLICK HERE for freelancer websites. As stated above, you just need to provide us an invoice for your work so we can record our business overheads (because you are providing your own tools for the job i.e. internet, computer, home office etc etc you will be classed as providing your services to us)


You will be paid on a calendar month basis with 1 week (7 days) in hand. The money will be paid into your bank account upon you sending your invoice for the work you have done. You will be paid with a basic pay and then commission for each sale. Everything we do is geared towards you making sales. We do not expect you to work for free or a low wage just the same as we do not expect to pay people for good money for doing minimum. This is a two way street, we are looking for long term relationships from people who can support us in growing our business which enables us to generously rewarded those staff members for their work.

Time 8am-5pm
Day Mon – Fri (1 day per month Sat 8am-12pm)
Pay OTE £25,279 – £43,279 per year